Welcome to the website of Cavegn Translations – translations and subtitling (English–German, French–German), proofreading (German) and editing (German).

Clarity, precision, relevance – You want your text to inform, to provoke emotions, to instruct, to thrill or to sell? Cavegn Translations translates, edits and proofreads for your target audience.

Your benefits:

Best quality  As a studied translator, I have learned my craft from the bottom up. As a Swiss native and language and literature enthusiast, I have a very high quality awareness and master the Swiss standard German and its stylistical particularities. As a reader with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I have acquired broad expertise in different fields, from which I draw when I work on your text.

Your personal translator – Translation agencies promise stylistical consistency and consistent quality, but they cannot always keep their promise. Changing translators and the inevitable loss of information as your order is passed on through the administrative apparatus of the agency lead to avoidable mistakes. With Cavegn Translations, you have a direct line to the translator and thus we can tackle any potential problems together in an efficient way.

Highest professionality – My fields of expertise comprise general marketing, medical marketing, construction, industry, sciences and social organisations (education/health/social affairs, NGOs) among others. I have practical experience as a translator and/or direct experience from before my activity as a translator in all the above-mentioned fields. 

Fuel for the language industry – Placing your order directly with the translator has advantages for the customer as well as the translator. Since the translator receives the full amount that a customer pays for a job, he can take the time he truly needs to create real quality. This means better texts for you and better working conditions for the translator. In addition, there are no agency fees to pay, which means that the translator can work profitably at considerably lower rates. And you can save a lot of money.

Interested? Please contact me by e-mail or telephone and I will send you a non-binding offer.

I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,
Maurus Cavegn